Technology follows Data


Data architecture is a set of processes and interfaces specifying how data is obtained, processed, stored and used, be it for data modeling, analysis, visualization or automation.

It is important that technologies used within a company are matched to the data and not the other way around.
Technologies become obsolete and need to be replaced from time to time. Data remain valid for years.

Our data architectural design always follows the rule: technologies remain interchangeable, data does not

Data architecture defines clear guidelines and processes for connecting new data sources to the existing ones in order to prevent future data chaos. Data remains consistent, linkable and is available more quickly for data engineers, data scientists, application developers and business analysts.

Data Architecture

Some problems
we have solved


Analytics platform in banks for data scientist and business analysts



Built microservices for simulations for credit card providers


Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting with secure, fast, reliable data pipelines and API’s


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Storage Clusters

Structuring legal documents and make it searchable in high-performing storage cluster

Content Retrieval

Software for document classification and context retrieval for tax experts

Client Retention (Churn)

Daily run of churn predictions and deploy machine learning in production


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