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Client Global Financial Institution
Scope Client churn probability calculation


Client retention dashboard


Our client retention dashboard predicts the probability of a client churn – also the probability, that a client cancels a subscription-based service. Our model is applicable in any subscription-based context, e.g. banking, insurance, telecommunication, newspaper subscriptions. Our references are in the banking industry.
The self-learning artificial intelligence based model uses ca. 200 attributes to predict the probability of the client attrition. A unique feature is the ability to automatically verbalise the detected churn reasons.


Retention Dashboard


How does it work?

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The goal is to drive the fluctuation of the customers in a way that maximizes profits:

  Keep profitable customers​ Replace loss-generating customers with profitable ones or transform them into profitable ones
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Client Retention Dashboard – main features

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Minimum 150-200 data points per client per month describing client behavior

A minimum of 12 months of historical data

Expected churn probability for the coming 6 months per client​
Displayed in an easy to interpret & actionable report


How good is the prediction?
80 percent

Prediction accuracy is above 90% (based on project experience)


Model Retraining Frequency
We recommend a retraining every 3-6 months
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