Compliance Dashboard

Client Global Financial Institution
Scope Compliance reporting, other details are confidential

Compliance Dashboard

The compliance dashboard provides an overarching overview of the compliance with global regulations across multiple jurisdictions. The goal was to build an actionable dashboard for the relationship managers and the compliance management.
Compliance Dashboard Screenshot

The challenge: lack of global consistency and accuracy

  Financial institutions are confronted with increasingly complex regulatory requirements. Compliance reporting needs to be global, fast, consistent, exact and at the same time flexible to continuously serve new needs. In reality theses policies are implemented in various systems globally.  As a result, getting a consistent overview is a challenge.   Employees need to comply with the new regulatory rules.  Compliance experts need to track and report situations to C-level and relevant stakeholders.
Example of Dashboard chart
Compliance Graph

DAI Compliance reporting – main features

Our solution integrates regulatory information from various sources in an automated consistent manner.  The solution provides a global view on a need-to-know basis: based on user privileges the visibility of the underlying data is controlled on a record level.

The dashboard contents are current and actionable for the compliance function. Smaller changes to the dashboard (diagrams, texts, colors, correction of bugs, etc.) do not require development, solely Power BI knowledge.

Compliance and regulatory requirement overview
Technical Details

DigiLab – the architectural backbone

Our DigiLab provides a flexible analytics architecture to satisfy the needs of modern analytics applications​. Already implemented both on site and in cloud​ Currently available on AWS and Microsoft Azure​
Cloud Based Compliance Dashboard