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decisions are hard

Executive decisions are complex and hard: you act as entrepreneur and often have to make decisions with limited knowledge of all the underlying facts.

No analytics or artificial intelligence will ever replace entrepreneurship. But maybe there is more data available then you think. Our solutions give you an objective and unbiased view on the facts based on the data you own, the data you buy and data that is publicly available.

To make decisions based on data


Test and keep track


Small changes, iterate faster

Some problems
we have solved


A global technology leader’s financial management problems


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Medical Dashboard 

Day-to-day business problems in a medical practice 


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Client Retention (Churn)

A global financial institution’s client attrition (churn) problem


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A global wealth manager’s compliance problem


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Infrastructure and analytics

CTO’s infrastructure and analytic platform problems


Data Management & Governance

We validate the quality, integrity and security of your data and ensure compliance with legal requirements.


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Sustainable client data cleansing of a retail bank


Client unification

Client unification at a top-tear global financial institution


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