Doctor Dashboard

Client Multiple SMEs in the medical space
Scope Controlling finances of a
medical practice/hospital
2021 January

Manage your practice efficiently with real-time information

Your practice management system manages the everyday processes in your practice. You need a different toolkit to make management decisions effectively: you need a professional dashboard. With the doctor dashboard you will be able to manage the economics of your practice with the help of accurate, up-to-date data — displayed in an easy to understand way.
No blind flight

Don’t wait weeks to know how your practice is doing


If you need prompt information about your finances, your patients or the insurance companies you are dealing with, you might turn to your accountant to compile a full picture for you. This process usually takes time and the data you will receive is usually outdated by the time you review it.
In addition, gathering this data can be resource intensive; you will not use your time as an entrepreneur – you might end up acting as a data delivery service for your accountant.

If you ever needed to make a quick financial or personnel decision, you likely used your gut feeling. But now that decision be be validated by real-time data!

Some key information displayed by the doctor dasboard:

  • Key performance indicators (revenues, profits, services offered, medicaments sold etc.) of each of the medical personnel in your practice
  • Amount of TARMED/non-TARMED services charged
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Unbilled services
  • Geographical distribution of the home address of your patients
  • Insurance company information – amount paid, amount outstanding
  • Etc.

Our software does not use any commercial components that makes you dependent on any software company. We use open source software and control the source code entirely. What this means? If you need any specific enhancements, we are happy to develop it for you.


Click and filter information intuitively

  Our solution utilizes cross-filtering. This means that by clicking on any graphical element, all data on the same page is automatically filtered. This feature is extremely helpful in understanding how your practice works but is not offered in solutions targeted specifically to SMEs.